Good Luck Film – Denmark - +45 20668181

Good Luck Film A company with more than 22 years of experience with film and television.

An experience that covers tv and commercials. With a professional network so large that it covers even the smallest spot in the world. With awards and honors to back up our words.

But.. we are never better than our last production. Therefore, we are always on the hunt for new formats, new ways of film making, social media platforms, split and share constellations benefitting both you and your budget.

Good Luck Film

Best Film Commercials Series

Creative Circle Award Best Web Film

The Happy Viewer, Best Film of the Month

The team behind Good Luck Film has delivered a long list of productions to clients, such as:

Unilever, Cadbury, SAS, YouSee, Maersk, Shell, Carlsberg, Rolex, Spies, Kelloggs, Egmont, Kvik, Mazda, Danish Bet, Tv2, Tulip, ERV, Mattel, TDC, Nestle, Cancer Association, H&M, Schulstad, Alm. Brand Bank, DFDS, Kraft, B&O, Alfa Romeo and Nike.


Contact: Peter Balstrup, Creative Media Producer 

Cell: +45 2066 8181 - Mail: – Skype: peter.balstrup